A Passion For Education

EDUCATING AND MOTIVATING ~ at Holly Tree Pediatric Dentistry, that’s what we’re all about! Our passion for motivating children to take charge of their dental care and for educating parents about what’s going on in their children’s mouths as they develop and change drives our practice. It’s a huge part of why parents keep bringing their children back and why kids look forward to their visits. Our engaging team turns cleanings and procedures into fun educational adventures.

Our passion for continually educating our patients and parents goes hand in hand with our commitment to hiring the best-educated dentistry professionals. Our team is highly trained and takes hours and hours of continuing education courses each year — not just our administrative and clinical assistants but our doctors too! Our entire team stays ahead of the curve always learning about and implementing the best clinical tools and procedures as they become available. In short, we are clinically exceptional—and that’s on top of being fun, funny, and friendly.