Our Favorite Children’s Dental Books!

At Holly Tree Pediatric Dentistry, we recognize the profound impact of captivating storytelling. Books are magical tools that can transform nervousness into excitement, especially for young ones encountering new experiences like a visit to the children’s dentist. Our goal is not just to provide exceptional dental care but to also instill a lifelong enthusiasm for… Read more »

Child at dentist office getting an exam.

Bad Dental Habits in Kids and How to Break Them

As a pediatric dentist, I see a lot of young patients come through our doors with some mighty bad habits. Some bad habits can inadvertently harm their dental health. Here are the worst dental habits I typically see in kids and practical tips on how to stop or correct them, ensuring a healthy and strong… Read more »

Child smiling at pediatric dental office.

Creating Happy Smiles: Preparing for Dental Visits

Hey parents, Dr. Ann of Holly Tree Pediatric Dentistry here, and I’m here to share some of my top tips for making your kiddos’ dental experiences not only enjoyable but something they’ll look forward to! Having a positive attitude towards dental care in early childhood sets the foundation for a lifetime of good oral hygiene… Read more »

Keeping Your Child’s Smile Bright: Dental Tips for Children During the Holiday Season

The holiday season is a time for joy, celebration, and creating cherished memories with family and friends. However, amidst all the festivities, it’s essential not to neglect your child’s oral health. With the abundance of sugary treats and irregular routines during this time, it’s crucial to be proactive in maintaining your child’s dental hygiene. Here… Read more »

Cultivating Back to School Dental Habits for School-Aged Children

As the summer draws to a close, the familiar sight of children excitedly preparing for their return to school emerges once again. While parents focus on gathering school supplies and ensuring a smooth transition, it is crucial not to overlook the importance of dental health in the back-to-school routine. Establishing and maintaining good oral hygiene… Read more »

Tips to Keeping Your Child’s Smile Healthy All Summer

Summer break is quickly approaching! While all kids are eagerly awaiting the long summer days outdoors and having fun with friends, it can also be a time of year where kids can tend to ease off good dental habits. It’s easy for kids to forget to brush and floss when they’re so busy just being… Read more »

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Why Your Kids Should Floss Every Day

Though dentists advise people to floss every day, less than 70% of adults in the United States floss even once per week! How can children build strong dental habits, if their parents don’t?  Dentists provide pediatric cleanings and x-rays and can guide your child in taking better care of their teeth and gums. They stress… Read more »

How does sugar hurt your teeth?

How Does Sugar Hurt Your Teeth?

Did you know that around 26% of adults in the United States alone suffer from tooth decay? While tooth decay is common in adults, it often starts in childhood and is rooted not only in ignoring dental hygiene practices but also consuming too much sugar. While any pediatric dentist will recommend that children shouldn’t eat… Read more »

Yes, Baby Teeth Matter!

Did you know that you were born with baby teeth? Yes! They just weren’t visible! An infant’s baby (or primary) teeth are already in its jaws at the time of birth!  They’ll start to appear anywhere between 5-6 months to the end of the first year.  By the time most children are 3, they will… Read more »

mother holding baby sucking it's thumb

Thumb Sucking: Why Kids Do It, Why It Hurts Teeth, and How to Stop

If you’ve got a little one who toddles around with a hand to the mouth, you can admit there is one thing that has already dreadfully crossed your mind: How do I break this habit? An important thing to remember is that thumb sucking is not only common, but it is completely normal behavior. In fact, it’s… Read more »