About Us

When most people—especially kids—think “dentist,” they don’t think fun. But Dr. Ann does things differently. Our office is warm and welcoming, painted in bright colors, and packed with puzzles, books, and games. We offer something fun for all ages, from pint-size touch screen games suitable for young children to arcade-style games fun for big kids and parents, who, really are big kids at heart.

Our treatment areas are airy and open. We treat in a large, multi-chair area so that kids can see their peers going through the same procedures they go through. We invite parents to look in their children’s mouths with us during regular cleanings and exams so that they can see what we see, know what’s causing a particular issue, and be aware of what to watch out for in the future. Even when we’re filling cavities, placing sealants, or doing other work besides cleanings, we encourage parents to observe from just outside the exam room, through large windows installed just for that purpose.

Kids may love our fun waiting area and our hands-on approach to routine care, but parents love Dr. Ann because of the relationship she builds with the entire family. From the moment a child walks into Holly Tree Pediatric Dentistry, the office team, clinical team, and doctor makes him/her feel right at home. We take an interest in every child’s life and are attentive to each child’s unique situation. The relationships forged during regular visits extend far beyond the office. We want to know all of our patients and parents by name, enjoy spending time with them in the community, and will call to check on them if we haven’t seen or heard from them recently. At Holly Tree Pediatric Dentistry, our patients and parents are part of our extended family.