Top Dental Products We Love

The children’s dental section is overflowing with products aimed at keeping childrens’ teeth and gums healthy. Bubblegum or grape flavor, fluoride or no fluoride, it’s enough for any parent’s eyes to gloss over. We’ve come up with a list of some of our favorite dental hygiene products to take the guesswork out of your next shopping trip. Excluding toothbrushes, we review toothpastes, floss, mouthwashes, and even chewing gum. Let’s get started!



While non-fluoride toothpaste has been on the rise in recent years, fluoride during childhood can help keep away tooth decay which can easily develop in kids’ teeth from all the cookies, sodas, and ice cream we all know they consume on a daily basis. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends fluoride toothpaste once the first tooth has appeared, as well as brushing twice a day. Creating a strong brushing routine is pivotal at a young age. For younger kids, make sure to check their brushing – many aren’t able to brush effectively so parents need to do the scrubbing for them.


Younger Childrens’ Toothpastes:

We all know our six-year-olds require something more special than just plain toothpaste on their brush.  It’s either got to be bright blue and action figure covered or sparkly and smelling like cake. Packed with all the wham-shazam sparkle punch a kid can take, here are our favorite toothpastes for young children:





Toothpastes Great For Tweens & Teens:

We wouldn’t recommend using heavy teeth whitening as a tween or teen, so keep that in mind and choose a product that is still fitting for their age group for this age range as well. Here are a few that work well:







Now, let’s talk floss! There are tons that all look the same at first glance. You can choose string, pick, flavored, etc. But which are the best for kids? Let’s take a deeper look:



  • Cocofloss
    For older kids such as tweens & teens who prefer regular floss, Cocofloss is a new product line using vegan wax, coconut fibers, and soothing fruit oils. The coconut fibers provide a thicker floss that can scrape off plaque between teeth much better than thin waxed or traditional floss can. This floss can be ordered as a subscription box, one-time purchase, and found in some stores. 



Mouth rinses help clean the teeth of any leftover debris from brushing & flossing, as well as providing a quick dose of germ-killing power to ward off bacteria growth overnight. Mouthwash isn’t a necessity but if you can get your child to do a rinse every night after brushing and flossing, we commend you. For mouthwashes, we recommend the gold-standard – ACT

ACT is the leader in kids’ mouthwashes. You can’t go wrong with any flavor or type of rinse by this brand. They offer solid fluoride protection with an easy-to-measure top so kids don’t over-use.



No kid hates gum. But most gum products aimed at kids are loaded with harmful sugar that stays on their teeth till bedtime and beyond if they’re not great at brushing. While it’s completely fine to have a little Big Chew on that baseball game day, if your child has braces or is a big chewer, they need a brand that won’t compromise their tooth enamel.  Here are our favorite gums:


  • Trident
    It’s the tried and true staple of good gum for kids. Not loaded with sugar and braces safe, Trident is a great pack of gum to keep on hand when your kids are itching to chew.


  • Project 7 Natural Gum
    Target now carries Project 7 gum in several flavors. Think of gum as almost healthy with this gem! Project 7 contains no aspartame or artificial ingredients and is vegan. They use stevia for the sweetener. 



Toothbrushes are in a world of their own and with so many options by age, we’re saving them for a separate blog post, so stay tuned!


We hope this list of “best of’s” has been helpful to you! If your child is in a need of a cleaning, general dental checkup, or is experiencing a dental issue, call us today at (864) 297-5585. Holly Tree Pediatric Dentistry serves Simpsonville and the surrounding Greenville SC areas of Greer, Woodruff, Laurens, Clinton, and Fountain Inn, among others. For children under 2, we offer first visits for free! Join our dental family today!